We are pleased that you are interested in shipping with TNT. With this letter we would like to explain the basic process to you.

What are the advantages of discovering our shipping for yourself?

What are the costs?

How is the process?

If you choose to ship with TNT, it offers the following advantages:

You pack the samplesas usual and the finished package is picked up directly from you.

With the TNT tracking service you can track the shipment exactly at any time.

TNT also guarantees that the goods will be delivered on time.

The quality of the samples is more protected because safe transport is guaranteed.

When you pick up your samples, one of our employees will automatically receive an email notification that you have sent a package and can therefore pass on the appropriate information to the sampling department.

This gives us an overview of where the parcel is, should there ever be a delay.

The expected costs for shipping a standard package within Germany are € 6.50. The postage may differ from other countries. Shipping costs are calculated along with your investigation fees.

To use our TNT shipping, visit our website:

There you will find a detailed description in PDF format: TNT Registration Guide

Click ‘Login’ or open the following Link on:


After you have filled in the TNT address field and selected the desired collection period between Monday and Thursday, TNT will collect the package from you and deliver it to us within one working day. Delivery by 12 noon is guaranteed. Please note that no delivery takes place on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.


What else do you have to do now? Take a look at our website and register your package.



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